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Reb Barry's Torah Commentaries -- selected commentaries by subject:

War in Lebanon

On Friday the Rabbi Got Gassed...

The Power of Being Commanded

Heresy and The Da Vinci Code

Is it a mitzvah to make aliyah?


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Illegal Immigration

Are You a Net Asset to the Planet?

The Current (Dec 2005) State of Jewish-Catholic Relations

Celebration for Completing Study of the Entire Babylonian Talmud

Charity to Panhandlers

How Much Charity is Enough?

The Conservative Movement: Failure, or Wave of the Future?

God's Intellectual Property

Hamas' Election to the PA Government


On Turning Fifty

Munich: the Movie 

Neo-Nazis Visit to Toledo

Peace in the Middle East

Science and Religion

The Search for God

Terry Schiavo

The Tsunami and Acts of God

Torturing Prisoners

What is Your Mission in Life?

WorldPride 2006